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About Shahbaz


After moving to Ottawa from Toronto in 2014, Shahbaz has been living in Kanata with his wife, an early childhood educator, and four children who are at different stages in their academic lives. Shahbaz chose Kanata  for it's unique place not only in Ottawa, but also in Ontario.


Kanata prides itself as one of the main IT cluster outside the Silicon Valley, and a magnet for attracting talent from across the world. But most importantly, it is a place of great diversity and talent and an excellent choice to live and raise a family. Shahbaz has been actively involved in community building and has always been willing and available to help by volunteering and leading social and charitable causes.


Building bridges and connecting people is something which is close to him and he hopes to bring our community closer.


Professionally, Shahbaz is a finance and banking executive by training and has decades of experience working at many prestigious institutions globally, and in Canada, and has served various Canadian companies and businesses with financing, insurance and business development needs. Shahbaz has received professional training at world class institutions in Asia, Europe and North America and holds globally recognised qualifications in the field of finance.


Great Change Calls for
Great Leadership


What I Stand for

  • Strengthen Ontario's Public Healthcare and enhance Hospital Care, Long-Term Care and Home Care

  • Improve and make robust our Public Education system for our teachers and the future of our students

  • Increase access to affordable housing

  • Use Green initiatives to build a sustainable community and protect our environment